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Volunteer Opportunities

We need help distributing donated PPE throughout South Florida.

Please sign-up below to contact us and we will email you what you need to get started.

Sign up to distribute PPE

Thank you for signing up to help!

We will email you with more information shortly.

Other Volunteer Opportunities 

Help from afar

Two crucial and remote options to help:

1.     Homemade PPE

Whether you’re a seamstress savant or have just begun to find yourself dabbling with sewing, we really need you. We need sewn PPE to protect our limited supply of disposable PPE from damage and to distribute to our community.

2.     Appreciation Cards

This crisis has gotten to all of us in unimaginable ways, but none so much as our healthcare workers. Some departments in our hospitals have requested morale boosters like notes of appreciation for staff, which can also be done and sent in remotely.

Help in Miami

There are many ways to volunteer in Miami
  1. Picking up PPE donations and delivering them 

  2. Helping physicians who request assistance with tasks and errands

  3. Making PPE with donated materials

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